Capax Universi

by Fields Of Elysium

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released December 15, 2012



all rights reserved


Fields Of Elysium Santa Fe, New Mexico

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Track Name: The Ramblings of Madmen
Minds of science devoted to progress, defy society's wildest dreams.
A thought process the masses can not apply...
an ability to test mechanic and electric components mentally ...
blueprints and schematics to unearthly devices drafted in the minds eye. Cast aside by the rational, these madmen are beyond their time.
The greed of men has halted the evolution of thought.
Grand ideas ridiculed, will soon become common knowledge...
Free energy for all, a power harnessed from earths natural frequencies
this theory sent one madman to his final spiral into mania.
Scorned by the scientific community into solitude.
now in a time of atonement for the misuse of our natural resources
these blueprints are called upon, but the mind that wields them is long gone.

These madmen must not go unheard,
Incredible intelligence often brings mania
Listen to the Ramblings of
Madmen, For they speak words of wisdom
Track Name: Millipus
With all the disparity and negativity this world holds, I try to keep a positive state of mind.
Watch the world from different viewpoints. Try to understand all the emotion and complexities
that make up this ball of dirt and water. An open mind will bring you to discover the beauty that is everywhere and everything.
Unraveling Arcane Dynamics in a collective mind and soul takes me to a place of clarity.
every action comes with consequences, either positive or negative, so live your lives with the best of intentions and enjoy the karmic aftermath.
Track Name: Zeta Reticuli
(the)Waves of intellect implanted within our feeble minded species, lead us towards civilization.
'We looked to the skies.... Longing for an explanation of cognizant creation.
Mis-interpreted relics from forgotten societies induce mass confusion and a search for meaning.
A rare celestial alignment brings technological advances beyond the comprehension of the masses.
Beneath earths surface, an underground world of secret agencies decode the genome chain.
A genetic deformity, with an unknown variable.
Are we simply an experiment,
Observed in every aspect?
A minuscule pawn in the game of cosmic speculation,
Waiting for the day of experimental fruition...
Are we simply an experiment?
Or has this spinning ball of cosmic dust created all that we have come to know, unaided by the extraterrestrial?
These answers will be revealed...
All in good time
Track Name: Sentient Worm
Without a sense of what the outside word holds, this creature knows nothing of the injustices or sociological disgust that plagues this planet. Yet this is a sentient being. It is not ignorant to its existence. All the minuscule creatures of this earth, even the worms, live lives possibly better than ours. A naturalistic way of life. Ah to be a worm… reliance not on technologies or social status but on life. Survival is your sole purpose, when you slither in the dirt. How grand it would be a life without economic necessity or religious ideology…that is until you are eaten by a crow.